Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More then passion

I started to write this and never finished...sad. I need to get better and realize posts don't need to be a book :-)

Attached is an encouraging article. It's really not new information to my flying hubster and I, but it's nice to see it in black and white.

I would like to quote one of my favorite parts of the article, "The airline industry has relied on passion for years — that people love to fly and will do whatever they have to do to fly. But there comes a time when it's a matter of dollars and cents." There is something to be said for doing something you love and another thing by actually making a living at it. Pilots are different breeds. I have learned this. After a few years of being surrounded by pilots, I've gotten to the point I can pick out a pilot simply by talking to them.

That being said, passion can only do so much. I appreciate people who love what they do, but "they say that love don't pay the rent." (Wow. Quoted Sonny & Cher. Epic.) It's true. Passion takes you so far, and this passion takes you all over the world, but you still come home to bills. Glad to see that some in the industry are starting to realize this.

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