Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New flying gig

For you who don't know, Shawn has started a new adventure with Omni Air International. He will be flying Boeing 757, 767 and 777 international (hence the name.)

Exciting for him, right?

I will try not to be too bitter sitting at my desk typing away while he is gallivanting through Italy, Ireland, Hawaii and any other exotic place the industry beckons. I'm happy for him, really. Jewelry would make me even more happy. A silver charm from each country I've never been. I think that's fair, right? Husband is not so convinced.

It will definitely shake up our schedule a bit. Gone 18 days, home 12. Plus the 18 days can be back-to-back for a total of 36 days gone. There are a lot of positives to this.

I know when he will be home. (No last minute flights in, out, cancelled.) I can actually PLAN on having a date for a wedding, whether it be him or a girlfriend! YEAH!

He is HOME BASED! Can I get a whop whop from all my Pilots' Wives out there? He will be positive seated to where ever they need him to be. No standby. And my favorite...NO STANDBY HOME!

He already made it through ground so just a few more weeks till he hits the skies.

Oh, and just need to take this time to shout out to the Pilots' Wives Club and all my fellow bloggers that make my life seem semi-normal. Much love to you ladies! :-)

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