Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunny in Seattle

My little brother turned 23 this month, so to celebrate my mother, father and I ventured out to see him on the west coast. He moved to Portland, OR, for a position in sales with Kellogg. He is pretty fabulous, this I know.

Flew into Seattle. Saw the skyline and played at a small park. Have you ever seen those little single seats that spin like crazy when you sit in them?? I will have to post pics, I want to buy one for my....uh, not sure yet. But I want one.

We went to Pike's Place market and fish market, first Starbucks, enjoyed clam chowder. Made myself sound very Kentuckian. The clam chowder man fought with the lid to my pop. My attempt at small talk? "That lid's whooping you, isn't it?" Smooth. Oh well.

We ended the crazy day at the Red Sox and Marlins game. Pretty cool ball park and great game, Marlins won thankfully. If the Reds aren't playing, have to root for the underdog/home team. Was completely amazed at all the Sox fans but I've heard many times it's cheaper to go to an away game as opposed to home game in Boston or New York.

We really had an awesome day and it was nice to see my brother and have the whole family together for the first time in two months. Only thing missing is my handsome husband! I thought being away with the family would take my mind off him being away, but it's almost worse :-/ Being home I have my routine, vacationing with the family it's like something is missing. Something IS missing. It's amazing it's only been two years and leaves such a gap when he is gone. I can't wait for him to be home, it's killing me.

Today we drove the three hours back to my brothers apartment in Portland. The skyline was fantastic, lots of bridges. Did you know there are 700 bridges in Oregon? And 100% of the U.S. hazelnuts come from Oregon? Consider yourself "learned" for the day. :-)

Jordan did amazing job picking out an apartment and decorating, very proud. Very bachelor-sheek.

I shall leave you with the lyrics to Blake Shelton's new song, Sunny in Seattle.

"When it's sunny in Seattle and snowing down in New Orleans,
And them boys in Amarillo stop wearing those boots and jeans,
When there's no tequila in Meixco,
That's when I'll stop missing you,
When it's sunny in Seattle and snowing down in New Orleans."

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