Friday, August 19, 2011

Moving on up!

So today is my last day as a production manager at my company. Can I just say how bitter sweet this is? Although my team didn't acknowledging it, and a majority didn't even congratulating me on this accomplishment, I truly like a majority most few one or two people I work with. LOL Fortunate for me, I will still get to work with many on projects.

I just find it interesting that on my last day a different team took me to lunch and got me a card. Oh well, just makes the last day that much easier.

Putting that behind, I'm so excited I have finally reached a goal I have set!! I started working for this promotion about two years ago and believe that I may be the youngest on my new team!

So today is a day of excitment, closure, and passion for my new direction. I will be learning new aspects of the business and attaining new skills, which will in turn open up new opportunities and allow me to set new goals. I love a challenge! The pressure and those that doubt always propel me to be better then I may have been on my own.

Yes, there is a little nervousness and anxiety, but channeling that into determination and confidence is what sets people apart. This is what I have always tried to do. 

So, on my last day, I look back with fondness on the people that I have met. The knowledge they have poured into me and the time they took to mentor me. I refuse to remember the haters and those that are already waiting for me to fail. I won't give them that much credit.

One coworker did send me this bright and early, and I can't tell you how much it made my day....

In the same sense, I can't wait to show off my talents and learn from a new group of people. Although it is a challenging, stressful role, I have confidence in myself and know I will do great. Some see that as a cocky, but I have God on my side, so why should I expect anything less then the best? I've got everything it takes, but it just may take everything I've got.

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