Saturday, April 5, 2014

D Day

Oh the dangers of departure day. 

DH started long haul almost three years ago. Since then, I am starting to realize I respond in so many different ways. Regional lines I had no problem with, but heading into a trip knowing it's about 18 days is more difficult. 

Reaction one - picking fights. The night before he leaves, typically when he's packing, I get frustrated and angry over stupid stuff. Finally my understanding husband simply sighed and said, "you're anxious because I'm leaving tomorrow." Lightbulb. He was completely right. Any issue that has come up I want to discuss and resolve that night instead of enjoying the time together. Last night hubs avoided that by promptly taking me for ice cream. He knows he's audience. 

Reaction two - physically ill. I didn't realize the correlation till recently. The human body continues to amaze me with how it reacts. 

Reaction three - sweat it away. This is my go-to. I hit the gym for a few hours. I release endorphins and feel better about myself. Definitely my most healthy reaction. 

Reaction four - self-indulgence. Direct inverse relationship with number three, but sometimes wings or queso just make you feel better. 

Reaction  - retail therapy. I always feel the need to treat myself. Pedicure, new top, something. Something physical to distract me from being emotional. Such was the case today. I perhaps took it a little extreme today. The sunny skies and warm air had me ona roll at the outlets. Oh well, I'll just inform hubs after his next leg ... When he's in Honolulu. 

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