Friday, September 16, 2011

Jazzy Pilot

Ok, so this is cheesy and a little raunchy at the end, but it really cracked me up. I would have never watched the whole thing but another wife recommended it, and I'm glad I suffered through because the end is funny, probably because I can totally relate.

Jazzy Pilot

How do I relate, you ask? No, I can't even impersonate "type talk." That's just weird to me.

I relate because everything somehow results in a checklist. If my pilot can't think of a checklist, he will just start reciting a take-off checklist...while driving down the road to the grocery store. Randomly.

Ok, maybe this is more a personal thing, but I don't start randomly quoting stock prices while pumping gas. Just saying.

This is my post for the day. Short and sweet. Just like me. (Ok, maybe more sassy then sweet and definitely not short. Maybe in my dream world.)

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