Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First 757 Flight

My husband recently completed his first trip on a Boeing 757. I would say I am so proud of him, but that seems a little too motherly and creeps me out. So, I will simply say that I am ecstatic for him. For as long as I have known him, a whole four years, he has talked about flying that plane. Watching him fulfill his goals reminds me of the things I was so attractive to when we first met. I love his ambition and dedication and I never have to doubt that he will achieve the goals he sets.

The Omni Boeing 757, at least according to Google. Those that are more plane-versed, please forgive me if my research is incorrect. :-) 

My husband's BFF was attentive enough to pull up a flight tracker (I need to learn how to use those things) and snag this Shawn's first flight! Continually upstaged by the bromance, thanks Fries.  :-) But kudos, very thoughtful!

My husband had a free day in Las Vegas, where he proceeded to send me the following picture. I would like to take a moment and mention how much I LOVE  receiving text pics from wherever he may be! 

That is, until I am sitting in my bland, grey cube at work on a rain, cold day and he sends me this pic from Honolulu... 

I'm so fortunate. I have a job I love, married to a man I love that is doing what he loves. This place is just oozing with mushy stuff.

Do I have moments where I feel sorry for myself? Unfortunately, yes. I did, however, just read a short article that made me smile. It talked about the benefits of taking adventures alone and how it helps you to truly learn yourself. I can honestly say that through the past two years, not only have a I learned more about my husband, but I have learned myself and become comfortable in my skin. 

I've always been independent but it's like I found a new strength. I have always attributed it to being married to the right person, the one that makes your strive to be better without pressure or expectations. Now I realize it's also about pushing outside my comfort zone and I don't know what all I'm capable of quite yet. 

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