Monday, April 11, 2011

And if I was from Paris, I'd say oh la la la la la la la...

One evening while checking his monthly schedule, husband discovers he has ten days off in a row. "Where do you want to go?" Ok, first off, I have to brag about the amazingness of my job for giving me a week off at a week's notice. Second of all, I have to question if my husband can handle ten days straight in Kentucky. Or with me :-)

"I want to go to Paris."

"Ok. Two seats from CVG to CDG. Booked." click And that, my friends. Is how it is done.

The old me would have flipped out, but Shawn is slowly transforming me into this spontaneous person. I told him I would work on it (translation - plan on being more spontaneous.) Immediately I'm contacting embassies, credit card companies, looking at hotels, transportation, and checking out French for Dummies from the library.
Originally the flight had about 40 open seats, when we were packed, checked in and ready to board, there was one first class seat. Shawn tried to get on the jump seat (8 hour flight, mind basically a bleacher chair) but wasn't able. Last minute a lady comes to the front and says she can't board because she is sick. SCORE! I still get the first class, by the way. Both ways.

Flight went fast, we didn't get our luggage and went without for two days. Most fashionable city in the world and my husband is in orange and blue sweatpants. Couldn't have been black or grey. No. The luggage gods wouldn't have thought that was funny enough.

We had THE BEST hotel. Highly recommend it without hesitation.

Saw everything. The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower (although I am sure you never would have expected that from the pictures ;-))  Walked at least 10 miles a day, some days up to 16 hours. Sat in a sidewalk cafe and watched the world go by. Had a crepe. Met people from all over the world. Unbelievable trip. I use such few words because all the words in the world couldn't properly explain it.

And, at the risk of sounding completely cheesy, I got to spend a full week with my husband. It blows my mind how blessed some woman are to do this every night. We laughed at my attempt at French, (I was constantly saying si instead of oui. Pretty sure they spit in my food.) We saw breathtaking sites. Practiced our photography in the jardins. Watched children play soccer. Made up stories about lovers walking past. Watched a "high speed" 25 person police foot chase through a grassy nook. It was relaxing and inspiring all at once, engaging every sense. Totally grasping the concept of "c'est la vie." I can see how artists, writers and architects were so inspired. Every inch of my romantic side came out and I was able to just get lost in it all. But the best part was, I was lost in it with my best friend.

I am so blessed I get to travel. To meet people. To understand cultures. To realize that once I get out of my little world things really aren't as stressful or complicated as we make them out to be. It really just put things in percepective.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time on your trip. You are both blessed to have found each other. I can tell how much fun you have together. Loved reading about your trip!