Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Best new website find, pilot wife must-have!

I must say this is the best website I've found in quite some time, other then Pinterest, which I'm beginning to think is more of a cult then website :-) *shameless plug....follow me.*

I recently discovered Cozi, which for the typically family saves a lot of time and offers a great space for organization.

For flying families, it is the ultimate must.

Basically the main page offers articles on food and meal planning, financial planning and links for samples and coupons.

To log in, each person in the family can use their own email address and the main family password. This main page hosts a family calendar, to-do lists, grocery list, journal and option to email other family members in a chat-like set-up. What's really cool is each family member can be identified with one specific color.

As a pilot's wife, I find this helpful in so many ways. My husband is a little paranoid and doesn't like me logging onto his company's website in fear I will acknowledge something that could be illegal or cause problems. This means I have a hard time keeping up with him. Now, he can just update it with his flying schedule, give or take a few stops. (BTW - this wouldn't have really been feasible at a regional, just because that's a lot of info to manually enter, but with the international flying he doesn't have multiple stops in one day.)

He can also stayed connected to my life by seeing what I'm up to. I can leave him notes in the journal and he can add "Oreos" to my shopping list so I know to have them when he gets home.

I highly recommend checking it out. Very easy to use and there is even a free app to go along with it!


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